Moroccan SaharaAlgeria doesn't support Morocco's alliance with Israel

Algeria doesn’t support Morocco’s alliance with Israel


Algerian Minister of Communication and government spokesman Ammar Belhimer reacted once again to the agreement to normalize diplomatic relations between Morocco and Israel. He said his country opposes their alliance.

“Algeria, represented by its people, its constitutional institutions and its development prospects, is the object of a real and systematic war by several parties, foremost among which is the Moroccan-Zionist alliance. […] Unfortunately for the authorities of these countries, they found before them an impenetrable wall of resistance and confrontation formed by an innate and solid alliance between the [Algerian] people and their various institutions, which is reflected in the positions of the Algerians on social media platforms, ”Ammar Belhimer said in an interview with Algerian newspaper Djalia.

The politician also called on the Algerian media to play their part in the cyber war targeting Algeria, by denouncing the lies of the enemies and by thwarting their maneuvers through their productions.

Last December, Algerian Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad declared that the Morocco-Israel rapprochement and the American recognition of the kingdom’s sovereignty over Western Sahara are measures aimed “directly at Algeria”“. “Algeria was targeted by a climate of regional instability,” he said.

Former United States President Donald Trump signed a decree on December 10, 2020 recognizing the Moroccan character of the Sahara in exchange for the normalization of diplomatic relations between Morocco and Israel. Algeria has still not digested these decisions.

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