Moroccan SaharaAlgeria fears rearmament of Morocco by Israel

Algeria fears rearmament of Morocco by Israel


The latest arms acquisitions made by Morocco from Israel are creating a wave of panic in Algeria. Its army believes that the new Israeli weapons confer superiority to the Moroccan army in the event of conflict.

A report was transmitted to the head of the People’s Army (APN), General Said Chengriha on the rearmament of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) by Israel, reports Maghreb Intelligence. According to the report, the Moroccan military has equipped itself with three types of Israeli-made drones, the Hermes 900, to be used to counter possible attacks along the defense wall in the Sahara. These tactical drones can fly up to 36 hours at a time for reconnaissance, surveillance and communications missions. Since 2014, the Moroccan air force has had three copies of the Israeli drone Heron, delivered under the unarmed French version Harfang and deployed along the south-eastern borders and aimed at countering incursions by small terrorist groups and elements. armed with the Polisario.

These drones, combined with Turkish Bayraktar TB-2s, will enable the Moroccan army to destroy Algerian air defense, the report sums up. Based on the findings of the last war between Azerbaijan and Armenia and the bombings carried out in Syria against the Syrian army and Iranian militias, the authors of the report reveal the incapacity of the anti-aircraft systems S-300PMU2, Pantsir S- / Pantsir S-2 / Pantsir SM to face the new Moroccan capabilities. “The TB-2, armed drones produced by Baykar have thus enabled the Azerbaijani forces, advised and equipped by the Turkish ally to paralyze part of the Armenian air defense, artillery and armor”, Le Figaro informed .

Morocco recently received US approval to equip its 24 new “AH-64 Apache” helicopters it had ordered from US manufacturer Boeing. The Moroccan army has already signed a contract with the Israeli firm Rafael to equip them with Spike LR II smart missiles and Spike NLOS. These are 4th generation anti-tank guided missiles with a range of between 600 meters and 25 kilometers. Something to worry the neighboring country more.

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