Moroccan SaharaAlgeria sees Morocco as a potential enemy

Algeria sees Morocco as a potential enemy


Luis Martinez, researcher and specialist in the Maghreb, also director of research at CERI-Sciences Po affirms that “Algeria no longer perceives Morocco as a rival, but as a potential enemy” and that the decision of Algiers to break its diplomatic relations with Rabat “are just another episode in an endless showdown”.

“The severance of diplomatic relations with Morocco, announced on August 24, comes in a context of vulnerability of the Algerian regime which has not stopped since the“ Arab revolts ”of 2011 to denounce plots against Algeria. The major events of the decade in neighboring countries – the change of Ben Ali’s regime in Tunisia, the overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya, the declaration of independence of Azawad in Mali, in 2012, and the Serval intervention, the Jihadist attacks against the In Amenas gas site in the South in January 2013 – are interpreted as proof of a desire to destabilize the country, ”comments the Maghreb specialist in a column published by Le Monde.

Evoking the reasons which pushed Algiers to sever its relations with Rabat, Luis Martinez affirms that “the Algerian authorities no longer perceive Morocco as a rival but as a potential enemy, aspiring to destabilize a regime already weakened by an economy undermined by the fall in the price of a barrel of oil in 2014, and by a political situation at an impasse since the emergence of Hirak, in February 2019, a peaceful movement calling for a democratic transition. ”

“The Algerian-Moroccan tensions experienced a new peak in 1994 when Rabat, accusing Algiers of complicity in an Islamist attack in Marrakech, decided to impose a visa on Algerian nationals”, recalls the research director at CERI-Sciences Po, adding that the Algerian regime had ordered in reaction the closure of the border, thus blocking the exports of Moroccan products to Algeria. Also, he recalled that Morocco returned to the African Union in 2017 after having left it in 1984. “And since then, the kingdom of the Cherifians has been deploying diplomatic activism in Africa which exasperates Algeria,” he notes. he. Especially since the Trump administration has publicly confirmed Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara “.

According to the Maghreb specialist, this forgotten conflict in the Sahara remains the matrix of recurrent crises between Rabat and Algiers. “It has paralyzed all plans for regional integration. Neighbors Algeria and Morocco have failed, after half a century, to overcome the differences between them. […] This dangerous and economically destructive rivalry has been the misfortune of the youth of these two countries, who do not miss any time the opportunities arise, to migrate to Europe, he laments. This new break in diplomatic relations imposed by Algiers is just another episode in an endless standoff. “

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