Moroccan SaharaAlgerian academics denounce an arbitrary and repressive regime

Algerian academics denounce an arbitrary and repressive regime


Popular and legitimate Algerian demands face repression from a beleaguered Algerian regime. The National Coordination of Algerian Academics for Change (CNUAC) criticizes the attacks on freedoms and fundamental rights to demonstrate.

The repression of the Algerian regime against its people is not weakening. A regime which “is weakened by the Hirak”, had clearly stated the French President, Emmanuel Macron. A statement that had taken the Algerian generals out of their hinges. While the regime cries out for interference in internal affairs, it is nevertheless facing enormous pressure internally from the population and civil society.

The National Coordination of Algerian Academics for Change (CNUAC) has just published a press release in which it firmly denounces the regime’s extreme repression. “The political power in Algeria has decided to favor the totally repressive scenario to the detriment of listening to a society which, through the Hirak, has regularly peacefully affirmed its refusal to legitimize an authoritarian and unpopular governance”, declares the CNUAC , a collective of academics active in the defense of human rights in Algeria.

“After having tried to recover the revolution of February 22, now the power demonizes the movement and sets in motion all means to neutralize the Hirakists, by combining repression and the instrumentalisation of justice”, criticizes the coordination. It notes that this power in place is similarly pursuing its strategy of flagrant attacks on fundamental constitutional freedoms guaranteed by law and international conventions ratified by Algeria. According to the same source, under the cover of article 87-bis of the penal code, is criminalized any action of solidarity with the prisoners of conscience and all that relates to the Hirak and the abuse of the use of the mandate of deposit is thus systematized.

Friday and Tuesday marches, forums, writings on social networks and critical media are targeted by this article, she regrets, noting that it has resulted in hundreds of arbitrary arrests, expeditious convictions through justice and enormous pressure on the Hirakists, the militant networks as well as on the academics and intellectuals engaged in the Hirak. The coordination considers that this relentlessness against the academics who militate for a major democracy, the young activists of Hirak, the journalists, the lawyers and intellectuals represents “the flight forward of a political power opposed to any effective solution to the political crisis. economic situation in which the country is stuck ”.

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