Moroccan SaharaGhali case: Pedro Sanchez in question

Ghali case: Pedro Sanchez in question


It is, according to the justice of his country, the president of the Spanish government himself who is behind the “joint action” having consisted in the hospitalization of the secretary general of the Polisario in addition to Gibraltar.

It is, ultimately, the President of the Spanish government himself, namely Pedro Sanchez, who is responsible for the affair of the hospitalization of the secretary general of the Sahrawi separatist movement of the Polisario Front, Brahim Ghali, in Spain in spring 2021 even though the latter is being prosecuted there for crimes against humanity, torture, genocide and kidnapping, and it is the Spanish justice system that says so. The latter has, in fact, submitted a thirteen-page report directly implicating Mr. Sanchez, the only one who was able to give the green light.

“Since the question was initiated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs after receiving an appeal from Algeria, the final decision belonged to the president of the government,” said Rafael Lasala, judge of the court of instruction number 7 of the city of Zaragoza, through which Mr. Ghali had transited following his transfer from Algeria. And to continue: “The president of the government was leading this joint action.” Which is therefore not to arrange the affairs of Mr. Sanchez who, since the outbreak of the crisis with Morocco following the affair, took refuge behind his Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arancha Gonzalez, finally dismissed on 12 July 2021 and replaced in the process by the former Spanish ambassador to Paris, José Manuel Albares.

For several months, Mr. Sanchez has not ceased to caress the Kingdom in the direction of the hair, going so far as to qualify it as a “friendly country”, which has not however led the Moroccan authorities to change their guns. shoulder, they who have still not sent an ambassador to Madrid since the recall on May 18, 2021 of Karima Benyaïch. Mr. Sanchez had, for example, bounced on the appeal of King Felipe VI of Spain intended for King Mohammed VI to call for moving forward; that said, Morocco seems to expect even more from the Spanish side, and in particular direct support for its territorial integrity, or at least for its initiative for the negotiation of a status of autonomy in the Sahara.

Dependent on Algerian gas, especially since the supply of Russian gas is threatened by the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russia since February 24, 2022, Madrid seems however to want to spare the goat and the cabbage, at the risk , however, to satisfy neither one nor the other.

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