Moroccan SaharaMorocco, a prosperous country according to France, annoyed Algeria

Morocco, a prosperous country according to France, annoyed Algeria


France classifies Morocco in the category of prosperous countries and Algeria in the category of countries where living conditions are “particularly rigorous”. Something to annoy the neighbor to the east.

The Quai d’Orsay has unveiled the ranking of countries according to the situation prevailing there. The countries are classified in three categories A, B and C. Morocco is in category C, that of the prosperous countries, where France considers that the situation does not require any particular provision. Other countries on this list: Germany, Australia, Scandinavian countries, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, the Principality of Monaco and the Gulf petro-monarchies.

South Africa, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon – a bankrupt country where instability augurs a return to inter-confessional armed clashes between the different factions – Russia, Tunisia – whose battered economy means that this country owes its survival only to the aid provided by neighboring Algeria – and Turkey are housed in category B.

Algeria classified in category A (along with Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen and Ukraine) designating countries where living conditions are “particularly rigorous” castigates the ranking. Algérie patriotique reports the taunts of certain Algerian diplomats: “The report must confuse between Morocco and Marrakech on the riyad side”. Algiers qualifies this classification as “scandalous”, because “not in conformity with reality”.

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