Moroccan SaharaSahara: 15 members of the Andean Parliament reiterate their...

Sahara: 15 members of the Andean Parliament reiterate their support for the territorial integrity of the Kingdom


Fifteen of the 25 members of the Andean Parliament have reiterated their support for the territorial integrity of the Kingdom through a petition addressed to the president of the Latin American Parliament. Thus, the 15 parliamentarians were keen to display ostensibly and clearly their firm position on the issue of the Moroccan Sahara.

These members have expressed, once again, their support for the autonomy initiative as a solution to the artificial conflict around the Sahara issue.

The parliamentarians call, through this declaration-petition, to “promote peace and stability, and to consider civilized dialogue as the best way to achieve the necessary consensus leading to a climate of real and lasting peace.

At the same time, the document recalls that the General Assembly of the Andean Parliament held a session in the city of Laayoune in the Moroccan Sahara, on July 4, 2022, with the participation of the Moroccan parliament, during which a position was adopted in favor of political dialogue and parliamentary cooperation.

The petition recalls, in this context, the last official Resolution adopted by the Andean Parliament on October 27, 2022 in Bucaramanga, Colombia, where a majority of its members voted in favor of a Resolution supporting the political sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of the sovereign States recognized by the United Nations, expressing its support for the Moroccan autonomy plan as a realistic, serious and credible solution to this dispute.

In the same vein, the petition urges the president of the Andean Parliament to respect the terms of the agreement reached with the Moroccan Parliament and suggests inviting Moroccan delegates to meetings of the General Assembly, as has always been the practice under previous presidents of the Andean Parliament, since Morocco joined the Andean Parliament as an observer member and advanced status partner.

In contrast to this serene climate, we specify, the current president had tried to mislead the participants in the recent 17th meeting of the Union of Councils of Member States of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, held in Algeria, by claiming that the Andean Parliament supported the illusory option of the host country of the meeting, true manipulator of the self-proclaimed SADR.

This petition came after the communiqué of the Committee on Foreign Policy, International Relations and Parliamentary Diplomacy of the Andean Parliament, which “exposes the desperate attempts of the President and proves that she speaks for a minority of members.

The Andean Parliament had expressed a stinging disavowal via a communiqué, following the remarks made by its president, as a guest, at the 17th Conference of the Parliamentary Union of Member States of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (UPCI), held from 26 to 30 January in Algeria.

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