Moroccan SaharaU.S. expert warns of threat from Iranian drones supplied...

U.S. expert warns of threat from Iranian drones supplied to ‘polisario’


The American expert in strategic affairs, Llewellyn King, warned against the maneuvers of the Iranian regime which, with the complicity and funding of Algeria, provides drones to the militias of the ”polisario”, which constitute a ”direct threat to Morocco”.

Iranian drones are now deployed in North Africa and pose a direct threat to Morocco,” writes Llewellyn King in an article published Friday in the Spanish magazine “Atalayar”, recalling that Morocco has repeatedly drawn attention to the threat posed by the sale of Iranian drones to Algeria, and in fact to the militia of the “polisario.

In an article entitled ”Iranian drones in North Africa, threatening Morocco,” the former Washington Post deputy editor believes that the kingdom ”is right to be concerned, but so is the world.

The Moroccan diplomat is actively raising the issue with Western governments,” notes Llewellyn King, assuring that the goal is to ”alert the world to the changing dynamics in the region and to … the dangers of drone attacks, a new complement to guerrilla warfare.

While the world has been preoccupied with its nuclear program, Iran has become a powerful supplier of military drones to separatists around the world, the American expert warns.

According to Llewellyn King, Iran’s destabilizing role in North Africa has been highlighted by, among others, the American Foreign Policy Council think tank, whose senior vice president Ilan Berman said that “what the Iranians bring to the table is that they are known to be the leading state sponsor of terrorism in the world, and they are now moving into Africa, increasing the capacity of their proxy groups.

In recent months, several Western experts have warned of the danger of the spread of Iranian weapons in the Maghreb, through Tehran’s presence in Algeria and its support for the “polisario” and warned of the risks for Europe and the entire region.

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