Moroccan SaharaUS weapons put an end to dreams of generals...

US weapons put an end to dreams of generals in Algiers, says Mustapha El Khalfi


According to former minister Mustapha El Khalfi, the Algerian hysteria with regard to Morocco is due to the recognition of the Moroccan character of the Sahara by the USA. And, in turn, the authorization to use American weapons in the Sahara. This is an Assabah press review.

In a long interview given to the daily Assabah, and published in its edition of Wednesday, November 17, Mustapha El Khalfi explained the last spasms of the Algerian regime, which has become very aggressive towards Morocco, by the important advances made by Kingdom on internally and internationally, in its Saharan provinces.

The former minister responsible for relations with parliament and government spokesman, explains that the Polisario’s fictitious war is nothing but theatricality, because it has changed absolutely nothing on the ground. But, the Algerian posturing had the merit of clearly proving that Morocco has a powerful military deterrent force in its Sahara, so that even the enemies of territorial integrity know today that they can in no way impose a settlement of the Sahara issue by arms.

In addition to this military deterrence from Morocco, continues El Khalfi, and despite their permanent headlong rush, Algeria and the Polisario have been put back to the wall by the latest resolutions of the UN Security Council, which advocate negotiation as the only way out with a view to reaching a compromise political solution.

Better, adds El Khalfi, the Algerian regime has especially lost its nerves because of the resounding diplomatic victory won by Morocco through the opening of dozens of consulates by many in the two largest cities of the Moroccan Sahara, Laâyoune and Dakhla.

But what has fueled the Algerian aggressiveness the most in recent months is obviously the recognition by the American administration of the Moroccan character of the Sahara. In addition to this sledgehammer struck by Morocco on Algeria, it should also be added that on the military level, the Moroccan army now has the right to use the American weaponry which it has in large quantities throughout the country. extent of its territory. This, explains El Khalfi, gives the FAR a new sizeable advantage over the Algerian army, especially since the Moroccan army is already much more experienced than its neighbor to the east, which is certainly overarmed, but not very effective.

The worst for Algeria, is the total failure of its old strategy, established by “the fathers who created” this futile conflict, and which consists in making the Sahara issue a permanent thorn in the feet of Morocco to prevent it. to develop oneself. And in the end, the opposite happened, concludes El Khalfi. The latter does not forget to emphasize the fact that Morocco has never had the slightest problem with the Algerian people, but that it is the regime of the generals which is behind this situation which has all too much lasted between the two brotherly and neighboring countries, but which will fade in the near future.

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