NewsVisas issued by the USA: What place for Morocco?

Visas issued by the USA: What place for Morocco?


The number of visas issued by the United States in 2022 worldwide is 285,069, according to the United States Department of State. “Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Posts were instructed to suspend routine visa services and only provide critical and emergency services at the end of March 2020. This had a significant impact on the provision of services relating to immigrant and non-immigrant visas. Posts were only able to resume limited post-by-post services from July 2020, to the extent that local conditions permitted,” the same source explains in its new annual report.

According to this same document, Morocco is the second Arab country having obtained the most visas for its citizens in 2021 with 3,585 visas, behind Yemen with 4,770 visas. The 3rd place is won by Jordan with 2785 visas.

On the African continent, first place goes to Nigeria with 4,990 visas obtained, followed by Morocco and then Cameroon (3,048). A total of 35,776 U.S. visas were issued to African citizens in 2021.


At the global level, Mexico is in first position with 40,597 visas issued, followed by the Dominican Republic (17,941) then China (18,501).

The countries in last place are Bahrain with 66 visas, Mauritania with 62 visas, then the Sultanate of Oman with only 38 visas granted in 2021.

It should be noted that the Moroccan passport (see L’Opinion of December 9, 2022) is in 65th place in the latest “Passport Index” ranking established by the passport classification society Henley & Partners. Thus, with their travel document, Moroccans can access 77 countries, including 33 countries without a visa and 44 countries with a visa on arrival, while 121 countries require Moroccans to obtain a visa.

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