Tourism & TravelMorocco 4th among the 20 must-see world destinations

Morocco 4th among the 20 must-see world destinations


“Voyage, voyage,” sang the French performer Desireless wonderfully. And this is another invitation to travel around the world that the 34th survey, of the year 2021, of the Reader’s Choice Awards magazine invites us. In this edition, twenty countries have been proposed by readers as the world’s best tourist destinations.

The criteria for this choice of the readers of the review range from the history of the country, to its habits and customs, including gastronomy, its monuments, its welcome of the inhabitants, among other major assets, to get there and / or there. to recover. And the Kingdom is well positioned in this ranking of the twenty, holding the fourth and honorable place, behind “the winner”: Portugal. New Zealand is second, while Japan is third on the podium.

Regarding our country, Readers’s Choice Awards noted that Morocco “has always been a gateway” for Western travelers, and not only for the African continent, but also for the countries constituting the Arab world. The majestic riads, the lively souks, the “labyrinth-like” medinas were cited as the main attractions and assets of the Shereefian Kingdom.

But the secular Moroccan culture “just as dynamic in the 21st century”, its legendary hospitality, its typical craftsmanship have not been overlooked. As for modern institutions, like the Mohammed VI Museum of Contemporary Art in Rabat, among other modernist infrastructures, they feature very prominently in this ranking.

Of course, the ocher city, the “Mecca” of foreign tourists who come by the thousands to visit it has the lion’s share in the choice of Readers Choice Awards readers, with the Koutoubia, the famous Place de Jemaâ El-Fna but also , specified the survey, the famous Jardin de la Majorelle, created in 2017 and the Yves Saint-Laurent Museum, which has become a real place of pilgrimage for foreign and local tourists who come to Marrakech.

” Travel Travel “! So much for Morocco, ranked fourth of the twenty must-see and most exclusive world destinations. Here is the ranking of the other countries:

Sri Lanka (5th); Italy (6th); Iceland (7th); Greece (8th); Croatia (9th); Turkey (10th); Norway (11th); The Maldives Islands (12th); Kenya (13th); Ireland (14th); Israel (15th); Australia (16th); Switzerland (17th); Indonesia (18th); Botswana (19th) and, finally, the Philippines (20th).

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